Your Design Appointment

Here you’ll learn how to best prepare for your design appointment, what to expect when you get there and how to maximize your investment.

Your Design Appointment

Maximize Your Investment

Calculate Your Options Investment

Maximizing your home’s value should be one of the key considerations when selecting your new home finishes. The products you choose will have one of the largest financial impacts on the value of your home and should be carefully considered. Explore your options by using our calculator to see how adding a few higher-end options can have a minimal impact on your mortgage. Keep in mind, the ability to include product upgrades in your mortgage is determined by your builder and/or mortgage company.

Here is a simple example…

Upgrade Options Amount: $50,000
Interest rate: 4.0%
Length of Loan (Years): 30
Estimated Additional Payment: $238.70 per month

Estimated Monthly Payment: