Resilient Features & Benefits

The benefits of resilient flooring are easy to see, and feel! And, there is no better value than resilient floors in terms of beauty, performance and price.

Specifically, resilient floors are:

  • Ideal for use in areas of high moisture—such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Naturally resistant to stains and spills from all types of substances
  • The easiest floor choice to clean and maintain
  • Requires only sweeping and occasional damp mopping
  • Soft, comfortable and quiet underfoot
  • One of the most affordable flooring options

Resilient flooring comes in so many patterns, textures and styles, it would be hard not to find several that fit with your home’s design. When choosing, however, you should keep the two types of resilient flooring in mind: printed and inlaid.


  • Pattern and color are rolled onto the surface material.
  • Wear layers may be added to thicken the flooring; however, with printed, you can expect that over time, the pattern may wear out in high-traffic areas, such as entrances and main pathways.
  • Rotogravure vinyl has a semi- to high-gloss finish.
  • The thicker your wear layer is, the stronger and longer your floor will last.


  • Pattern and color extend completely through the flooring by millions of color granules layered on top of one another. This gives you a more dimensional and rich look.
  • Most inlaid vinyl has a matte finish.
  • You can expect — even in high-traffic areas — your inlaid floor to stay new looking much longer than a printed floor.

Resilient flooring is available with different types of wear layers that can help your floor look better longer – offering both performance and appearance benefits. The vinyl no-wax wear layer is easy to clean and resists stains. Urethane-coated wear layers are the next step up. They are easier to clean and are more resistant to scratching than ordinary vinyl no-wax. Each manufacturer offers several different types of wearlayers. Your design consultant will review these choices with you during your appointment.