Laminate Features & Benefits

Laminate flooring is the newest and hottest trend to hit the residential flooring industry since the early days of linoleum! Simply put, it’s an ultra-durable product that looks like a real wood or stone floor. Laminate offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • High UV resistance, blocking the sun’s harmful rays and protecting the floor pattern from fading over time.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy repairs, since damaged planks can be replaced without contrasting with the pattern of surrounding boards.
  • Easy cleaning, since laminate flooring doesn’t trap dirt. Most spills can be cleaned up with a terry cloth mop or sponge.


  • Laminate is made of three basic layers: surface wear layer and pattern, core board, and backing board.
  • Laminate planks are installed over foam underlayment and glued or snapped together at the seamed edges where the floors interlock.
  • These structural components are covered in more detail below.

Surface Wear Layer

  • The surface wear layer is usually made of aluminum oxide with a printed photograph applied to a melamine laminate that provides the floor’s ‘look.’
  • Many laminate styles simulate the look of a hardwood or tile.

Core Board

  • Core board is a manufactured, pressed material that varies depending on the manufacturer.
  • The pieces of core have the tongue and groove edge applied for a tight, seamless fit when installed.

Backing Board

  • As with the core board, the backing board materials vary based on which manufacturer made the particular floor.
  • Backing materials range from being a layer made of paper to one made of full plastic laminate.
  • Backing board made with plastic may be better to protect against potential water damage than paper.


  • Laminate flooring is dent and impact resistant, difficult to stain, and cleans up easily.
  • However, laminate is not as resistant to standing water as some other flooring options.
  • We do not recommend using laminate in bathrooms.

Lifestyle Consideration

  • Most people select laminate because of its easy care attributes.
  • Laminate is a floating floor. Because of this, you may hear a slight tapping echo when you walk on it. Various manufacturers offer acoustical padding designed to muffle this sound.